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All Aboard!

In Literacy Reception shared the story ‘The Train Ride’. They drew pictures along a train track of all the things the girl saw on her journey in the correct order to retell the story. In Maths they used paint to print with 3D shapes and talked about their faces, counting and naming them. They also made a train by colouring, cutting and sticking 2D shapes. During their free play they made shape pizzas and drew round shapes to make pictures. They also played a 2D shape stacking game on the Clever Touch board and made towers with the 3D shapes on the carpet. They also made a train using big boxes. They put the boxes together to make carriages and made their own tickets. They thought about all the things they might see on their journey based on their story of the week. To end their ‘Terrific Transport’ topic they used junk modelling items that they brought in from home to make their favourite vehicle.

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