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Amazing Animals

Reception started their new topic ‘Amazing Animals’, by learning about jungle animals using the story ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. They even had a surprise visit from a jungle animal! The children arrived in the classroom in the morning to find a large scratch, paw prints, empty food packets and some stripy fur. They used the clues to work out it was a tiger. In Literacy they shared the story ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and drew and labelled the clues on an Evidence sheet. Later they found a photo of him, from the security cameras, sneaking in through the front gate! In Maths they made the number bonds to 10 with Numicon shapes and wrote the number sentences as a list. During their free play they went on a jungle animal hunt in their outside area. They drew and labelled all the jungle animals that they found. They also used the fruit counters to practise subitising and grouping. Inside they wrote a shopping list to replace all the food that the tiger ate, made tea pot shaped invitations to invite a friend to a tea party and designed their own tiger food tins in case he comes to their classroom again.

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