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Dino Week

The children in Reception discovered a mysterious egg in their classroom, and a scratch and a large set of footprints on the board. Some of the children thought a bird might have laid the egg but others thought it was a dinosaur based on the size of the footprints. We looked at different dinosaur footprints and worked out that they belonged to a T-Rex! The children had fun undertaking lots of different dinosaur-related activities throughout the week including drawing dinosaurs inside egg templates, label

ling dinosaur body parts, ordering numbered dinosaur footprints, making dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints in play dough, rescuing small dinosaurs from a swamp, playing with large dinosaurs, threading laces through dinosaur cards, reading dinosaur stories and making dinosaur stick puppets. They even have a class pet dinosaur which is growing bigger and bigger! The children named him Rocky and drew him pictures which they posted into his post box.

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