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Egypt's Got Talent

To conclude their Ancient Egypt topic, Year 3 children learned about Egyptian gods and goddesses. They chose their favourite God and performed their 'superpowers' in a fun show called Ancient Egypt's Got Talent. The judges were Year 1 children and our very own school secretary Miss Michelle. The votes were very close and two acts won joint first place. Congratulations to Amun-Ra, comprised of Amun who created the universe and Ra the god of the sun. This act was performed by Angel and Marc. The second winning act was Isis, who healed anyone in the crowd of their illnesses and completely cured one of the audience members. This great performance was brilliantly acted out by Adrian. We had a variety of other performances such as a dance from Hathor, the goddess of dance and music, as well as fire breathing by Sekhmet, the goddess of the sun, to name a few. The three proud winners became our Year 3 super-gods and were allowed the wear crowns throughout the day to show their victory.

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