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Jack and the Beanstalk

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

To start their new topic 'Glorious Growing', Reception class found a huge sack with a large toothbrush, a giant book, huge glasses, a big mug and spoon and some magic beans – they decided it must belong to a Giant! They planted their own bean seeds and when the beanstalks grow they will climb up and take the Giant’s sack back to him. The children enjoyed role playing the story with character masks and puppets. They explored different seeds in the soil and pretended to plant them. The class also matched rhyming leaves on a beanstalk and then made their own by writing words that rhyme on leaves. They created beanstalk pictures using their finger prints and built beanstalks with different construction items. The children also added magic bean seeds together and wrote the matching number sentences and measured each other using the beanstalk height chart. What a busy week!

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