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Let´s Go to the Seaside

In their new topic ‘Let’s go…’ Reception went ‘to the seaside’. In Literacy they shared the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and wrote a list of food to put in his picnic basket. During their free play they made lighthouse pictures using tissue paper and they built lighthouses using Duplo bricks. They also spotted the tiny ‘Tricky Words’ hidden in a seaside picture using magnifying glasses and decorated buckets with buttons and stickers. During Creative time they worked in groups to collage large beach huts for display and drew their own beach hut pictures using pastels. One of the children brought in some hermit crabs to show the class. In the afternoon they decided to take them back to sea. They said goodbye to them and then listened to the story 'Sharing a shell' about a hermit crab who shares his shell with some friends.

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