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My Senses with Mr. Potato Head

Reception helped Mr Potato Head to use his senses to enjoy making popcorn – they heard it popping, felt that it was hot, saw it jumping out of the pan, smelt the lovely smell and tasted it too! During their free play they explored the popcorn sensory tray finding letters on the popcorn pieces and made their own popcorn box pictures too. They also sorted shapes by ‘posting’ them into the correct shape house and made long paths using the shape mats. In Literacy they shared the story ‘Peace at Last’ and sequenced pictures to retell the story- recalling all the noises Mr Bear heard at night and where he heard them. In Maths they made our own Shape City using different shapes for the buildings, and their roof, doors and windows. In Creative time they recreated the famous painting ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh using pastels to create the spiral stars in the night sky. They also worked together to create a large version of the painting with chalk and glitter.

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