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On the Water!

The next theme that Reception explored in their topic was vehicles that go on the water. In Literacy they shared lots of pirate stories and talked about what pirates look like. They made wanted posters to help capture the bad pirates and wrote sentences to describe them. In Maths they helped the pirates to share the gold coins between 2, 3 and 4 of them and recorded how many coins they had each. During Group Time they made boats using corks and paper sails and floated them in a tray of water and created their own boat pictures. During their free play they made pirate maps, flags and pirate hats. They also used boxes and bricks to make a large pirate ship. They used sticks as oars, tubes as telescopes and used their maps to search for treasure! They also used a new app on the iPad called Chatterpix to make their toy vehicles talk! To end the week they went on a treasure hunt to the beach. They found the buried treasure and had a Pirate Picnic too!

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