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Reception On The Road!

During the next theme in their transport topic Reception explored vehicles that go on the road. In Literacy they shared the story ‘Naughty Bus’. They made our own version of the story by taking photos of a red bus in different places around the school and wrote sentences to tell the story. In Maths they used a bus and counting bears to tell subtraction and addition stories and wrote the matching number sentences. During their free play in the Maths Area they built a Numicon city using building silhouettes and different Numicon pieces and in the Writing Area they made our own mini Naughty Bus story books by drawing pictures and labeling where he went on each page. They also made large town maps in groups using the wooden blocks and labeled the buildings and landmarks. They enjoyed sharing their route to school maps that they completed for Homework and the photos that they uploaded on Dojo to show all the things that they see on their way to school. They are now on display in the dining room. To end the week they went for a walk in the local area to look at the buildings and roads signs and stopped to undertake a traffic survey.

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