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The Magic Carpet!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Reception found another way to fly during the last week of their Terrific Transport topic. They used a magic carpet (and their imaginations) to take them to different places. In Literacy, the class wrote sentences to tell the story of their magic carpet ride which included 3 different settings and types of weather. The class also practised using the capital letter for names by playing different games and went on an alphabet scavenger hunt.  In Maths, they completed '100 Challenges' including counting 100 items, playing Hidden Numbers and Roll to 100 on a 100 Square, seeing where 100 steps takes them and completing 100 exercises for Sports Day. During Creative Time, the children created Aladdin's city and finger puppets, prince and princess crowns and magic lamps and in Spanish they designed a magic carpet. 

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