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Exploring Different Materials

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Throughout the summer term, Year 2 were learning about different materials and the class carried out a number of different experiments and projects centred around this theme. They have experimented to find out how some materials can be changed and compared their findings with each other. They tested a number of fabrics to find out which ones would be the most suitable for a swimming costume. The class also went for a seaside walk and identified different materials that are used to build everyday objects. They also collected some natural materials to make some natural shapes and painted rocks, all of which had been inspired by the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. Finally, the class spent much of the term designing and creating a bag from fabric. The children had to choose their material, the size of the bag and what would it would be used for. The class used running stitch and over stitch to secure their pieces of material together and the outcome was a range of beautiful bags! Well done, Year 2!

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