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Warm Regards Marta

After first week of school I just wanted to let you know, that we are very grateful and happy that Calpe, besides making kids feel safe and comply with all the procedures, also remembers that kids come first. I love you guys. Olivia is extremely happy to be back in school and that she can still enjoy playing and learning with her friends in a way as kids should... together. Big hugs for all of you lovely staff for making kids enjoy being kids in this crazy times and making so much effort😻.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for providing us with the opportunity to visit your esteemed school this Monday. We are extremely delighted to have explored three schools, and without a shadow of a doubt, Calpe School is unequivocally the best fit for our beloved son. This consensus is shared by not only my husband and me but also by my son himself.

We were thoroughly impressed with the warm and inviting atmosphere at your school, which gave us the feeling of being in a cosy home rather than a typical school environment. The happiness and contentment radiating from the children at your institution were truly heart-warming.

P & P

Dear Calpe School Team,

I have been meaning to tell you this in person, but considering the current situation, I am afraid, an email will have to do:

I've been wanting to thank you very, very much for the super warm welcome of our daughter to the Calpe Family. On the first day, Ms. Karen met us half way to the classroom and, without hesitation she took her hand and lowered her mask to show a big, welcoming smile. You have no idea how much that little gesture meant to us. We hate the current "masked" situation, and just giving that warm smile and grabbing our daughter's hand without hesitation, meant the world to us.

I think you're doing an amazing job by following the necessary procedures but still having common sense and knowing that you're dealing with little humans on their first day(s) of school.

A thousand thanks and kind regards,

Debbie H.

To the Wonderful Teachers providing phonics at Calpe School,

 I have discovered your school via youtube when I was searching for any video footage for Floppy’s Phonics.

I am the lady who worked with a small team at Oxford University Press to devise the Floppy’s Phonics programme.

I have been incredibly impressed by the teachers, especially Nursery and Reception, who have provided video footage to exemplify some of the Floppy’s Phonics programme.

The level of professionalism, calm, warm phonics delivery is fantastic. Well done!

Warmest good wishes to all,

Debbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA

Good afternoon 

It is a great relief to read these comfortable words in these delicate moments for all, this epidemic is really hard especially when we have to live it so closely in one of our relatives.

I will be eternally grateful for the great effort and dedication that all the Calpe School team make so that our daughter, in addition to receiving excellent training, smiles and is happy to see the videos of her teachers, a thousand thanks for everything, you are excellent professionals and wonderful people .

Dear Director,

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and I greatly appreciate its content as it is a subject that concerns us in these difficult times. 

Once again, you and Calpe School are up to the challenge.

Obviously we continue to collaborate with the School so that together we can spend this difficult time as the great 'Calpe family' that we are.

Have a good Easter.

Thank you for keeping us updated, and for all the work you and the other Calpe staff are doing to keep communication and the children’s education going. 

The kids teachers have been brilliant and respond quickly to all emails, with lovely personal feedback to the kids and their work. 

We can see that they really care about the children and that is so nice. My kids really miss seeing everyone at school!

Hope you are all well,

From the ‘Morgans’


Dear Director,

I thank you personally for sending your email in both English and Spanish. It's a nice detail.

As I have indicated in my reply to your email in English, we thank everyone (the entire Calpe School team) for their efforts, passion and dedication.

The videos are a window to freedom.Miss Alex's videos are a window to freedom for Carla.

We are very grateful.  The videos are a window to freedom.

We are very grateful.

Thank you very much for all your dedication, we are personally very happy with your efforts, your dedication, your responses of encouragement that motivate our daughter a lot, you are great at heart.

Thank you also for your call to worry about how we are doing, we are very happy with all the teachers and the whole school team in general.

Thank you very much and much encouragement in these difficult times 

Best greetings!


As you all know we have loved our time in Spain and this is mainly down to Calpe School. The girls have enjoyed every minute in school and I have made some friends for life through the school. 

It truly is a special place and almost not quite the real world. The teachers you employ are very talented and unique, I will never fully understand how they juggle so many different (language) challenges so successfully.

Best regards Jörgen, Sophia, William and Olivia 

Its almost 2 years ago when we visited Calpe the first time. I remember getting a tour of the school by you Mr Jacey. We were in a stressed situation to find a school for both william (10y at the time) and Olivia (5y). Prior to visiting Calpe we had been on a schoolhunt through all the major schools in Marbella.

We made the decision to choose Calpe mainly because of you Mr Jacey. You sensed our worry about the language barrier for our kids. You bravely told us that Olivia would be fluent in English within 3 month. I thought at the moment that you just dropped your salespeach, but you proved to be right! 

Ever since that moment we have been extremely confident in your craft. All of you! From the morning routines starting at the parking lot with cheerful greetings all the way to after school activities. Thank all of you for seeing not only my children, but us parents as well.


The level of pride and self confidence Olivia have achieved at Calpe has wildly surpassed my expectations. And i think william finally found his core abilities to be calm when challenged with new and strange knowledge. His tendency to "freeze" has all but disappeared.


William had been in swedish school 3 years prior to us moving to Marbella, So we have the benchmark. Not only by comparing schools and teachers, but also the whole system of education. And i can't think of anything negative to say about your work or Calpe as a school. 


Moving to a foreign country was a brave and crazy chance of fate. But choosing Calpe was quite the opposite. It was probably the best possible school in the world for our children. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us transition from sweden to the world.

We will miss the time in Calpe dearly, and we will forever be your positive ambassadors.

Nick and Jo 

I can’t believe that a year has gone by when we said farewell to your fabulous school.

Josh has settled in extremely well to “big boy school” and this was achieved mostly by the way he was taught by calpe in his first 4 years with you.

He gained confidence, understanding, respect and above all a happy will to learn whilst he was in your care and this gave him the grounding to easily adapt to his new and somewhat larger surroundings at his new school. His results in his first year are well above average and he has progressed so much further in his sporting achievements that he now needs to step up a class and a year from his current year. This achievement we would put solely down to you in the encouragement and level friendly discipline you instilled in him.

Whilst he enjoyed (and won) sports day, we shall never forget the Calpe sports day on the beach and we really miss this.

Please say hi to all of your staff who knew him and please do feel free to use any part of this e mail for any marketing purposes.

All the very best to you.


Maricarmen Espada 

"Quiero agradecer a Calpe school la gran labor educativa que ha hecho con Martina. Siempre supe desde que entró el primer día en nursery que estaría en buenas manos, pero hasta que no ha ido este año a otro colegio no me podía imaginar el nivel tan alto que tenia. Ese trabajo tengo que agradecerlo al colegio y a todos la profesoras que ha tenido Martina a lo largo de los 6 años, sobre todo a su profesora de Year 3 & 4, que ha sido su profesora durante 2 años. Nunca conocí a una pofresora con tanta creatividad , empuje,entusiasta y preocupación por el aprendizaje de sus alumnos como ella.


Miss Carrie quiero que sepas que Martina está en un nivel 30 de lectura, desde el día 5 de septiembre hasta hoy, ha subido 28 niveles , se lee los reading book de 127 paginas en dos días , es la única de su clase que lo hace. Según Martina este curso es muy fácil para ella, eso no significa que Martina sea súper dotada, sino que tuvo la mejor profesora y que la preparó por encima de su edad. Por eso ahora year 5 le queda pequeño. No creo que tengamos la suerte de tener nunca más un colegio como Calpe ni una profesora como tú. Gracias a ti Martina ama la historia, literatura, ciencias, arte etc, etc…… este verano se leyó la biografía de Anne Frank, el diario de Anna Frank y Flip Flop club. Entiende de la segunda guerra mundial, mitología griega, historia egipcia y un montón de cosas más. MUCHAS GRACIAS!"



"Iñaki is in his new school…. He’s ok, but I miss you and Calpe!

It’s sad that this new school doesn’t share the “reading culture” as yours… Iñaki was enjoying so much the English books and now that he doesn’t “have” to do it, it is really hard to go back to that…   Where can I find the books he was reading? I want to buy him a bunch!! Fingers crossed I get him into reading again!!"

Planeta Explora

"A great school, with an amazing staff and passion for education. Thanks for your contribution"

Grace  -

"What an amazing place ! The teachers and staff always great you with a smile ! My son attends and always looks forward to 845am ! Extra support to hand and always cater to your child's need ! Couldn't recommend enough ! The best school on costa del sol."

Rune  -


"Excellent staff, and plenty of it, which gives room for individual development tracks. Safe, great atmosphere, obvious kids are thriving, we couldn't be happier."

Egor, Maria and Sophia -

"We would like to thank wonderful Calpe School Team and Mr Jacey for your professionalism, kindness, high level learning process and great attitude!❤️ it was such a pleasure to spend almost 1,5 years with you!"


Niki Tilev -

"I’m happy and proud Alex was one of the Calpe School students and that our daughter Lora is still there!

As our son has just graduated from Foundation Class to Year 4 at Calpe School in San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella), I’m particularly proud to say he is absolutely prepared with a very profound knowledge, excellent spoken and written English and very motivated to learn.
Spending his very first academic experience in Calpe School for six years and having been surrounded and encouraged by the professional teaching staff and their constant and personal attention to each child throughout the years, Alex has grown as an excellent student and a confident individual.

Our very special thanks to all the teachers who taught Alex in Calpe School for their hard work and the special care they have shown to our children."

This video has been deleted.
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