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We promote and follow a healthy eating policy and the cost of school lunches are included in the terms fees.

Lunch is considered an important aspect of school life and each pupil is required to eat school lunches.


All meals are freshly prepared and cooked in our own kitchen using local ingredients as far as possible by trained kitchen staff.


The kitchens are regularly inspected by provincial health and private safety hygiene inspectors, BIO 9000.


Dishes are made from local, fresh produce delivered daily to the school, in accordance with current food safety legislation. Hygiene standards are regularly monitored by an authorized laboratory. Laboratory results have shown that tested samples are always well within the established parameters.


Food is prepared conforming to HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) requirements to ensure that all stages of the food preparation process are rigorously controlled for hygiene and food safety.

Due to the importance of instilling healthy eating habits in children, lunch menus are periodically rotated and recipes are both creative and nutritional to enable children to experiment a variety of foods. A heavy emphasis is placed on ensuring that saturated fats are minimized in food preparation and therefore the majority of dishes are either oven baked or grilled.


Sugars are an equally important consideration as demonstrated by the fact that all recipes, including desserts, are prepared with minimal amounts and no additive-based drinks are provided.

Owing to the international nature of Calpe School, the cultural gastronomic element is factored in the creation of recipes and menus, whereby children enjoy firm favourites such as tortilla (Spanish Omelette), Shepherd’s Pie, Pasta Carbonara, Casseroles and Breaded Chicken Fillets, to mention a few.

As part of the school’s social training programme, all teachers eat lunch with their class group in the designated dining room, carefully supervising table manners (use of knives and forks, serviettes and overalls for younger students to protect school uniform, etc.) and food intake. Teachers encourage children to accompany all their meals with salad, from the salad buffet and monitor that children have eaten adequate amounts before progressing onto dessert, many of which are homemade.

In summary, the daily dining experience at Calpe School is not only nutritional but educational, in line with the school’s defined aims. The cost of school lunches is included in the term’s fees and a monthly menu is available from the school office.

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