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(7 -11 years)

In Primary 2, children are taught by class teachers and have specialist teachers for

Spanish, French, Physical Education and Music.


Technology is a key element at this stage and interactive whiteboards are used in each classroom. The traditional academic skills of maths, reading and writing are the primary focus.


The highest academic standards can be achieved by our oldest pupils and

all children benefit and thrive in this personal environment.

Specialists in Primary Education

English and Mathematics are taught for a minimum of one hour a day

following the new literacy and mathematics curriculum.

Spanish is studied for 45 minutes a day.

Science, History, Geography, ICT, Art and Design, French, Music and PSHE are also taught in KS2.


Primary 2 children are given regular homework throughout the week. All children in Primary 2 are expected to read every evening following one of the several reading schemes in school. Free reading is also encouraged and children choose a new library book each week.


There is a weekly spelling list and test; this should be worked on each evening. Their learning is further complemented by providing each child with personalised access to a dedicated learning website which provides games and activities related to what has been learned in class that week.

Good communication between parents and teaching staff is a vital component of our ethos. Teachers are available for consultation both before and after school. Parents are encouraged to liaise frequently with class teachers about their child’s progression.

Children are regularly assessed and feedback provided to parents informally on a daily basis and during 2 parent’s evenings throughout the course of the year.

Children in Primary 2 are encouraged to be independent, confident students.

Teachers extend and support the children in their studies as is appropriate to their needs.

Children in Primary  2 are prepared for the next stage of their educational journey and are encouraged to go on overnight trips, which we believe is a great stepping stone to support their independence and maturity.

All pupils in Primary 2 benefit and thrive in this personalised environment.

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