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"Everyone is valued and encouraged to grow and exceed beyond their expectations"

At Calpe School we value and support high quality Physical Education. Our aims work in guidance with the British National Curriculum for Physical Education.


Every child, from Pre-Nursery to Year Six, is encouraged to participate in a wide range of sporting experiences and activities with our team of highly experienced Physical Educational Specialists.


Our sporting programme is designed to foster physical awareness, mental well-being, respect, sportsmanship, fair play, an understanding of getting out of life what you put in, as well as learning to win and lose with grace.


The importance of having fun and teamwork is essential at Calpe School.


Our young students from Pre-Nursery to Reception age experience a wide variety of sporting experiences. This range of activities allows students to develop a solid framework upon which to build their sporting skills and understanding as they go through their primary school years.


Primary students at Calpe will experience Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cross-Country, Dance, Football, Floor hockey, Handball, Gymnastics, Jump Rope, Rounders and Mini-tennis.

They are taught to transfer skills and concepts from one sport to another and to problem solve by using simple biomechanics, game understanding and tactical knowledge.


All students from Pre-Nursery to Year Six also represent their team house at the annual school sports day. Participating in a range of other sporting inter-house events throughout the year.


Team training sessions are available to all students from Year Three to Six, regardless of experience or ability. Sessions take place both at lunchtimes and after school, with some of these sessions on campus and others taking advantage of the schools stunning beachside location and other local facilities in the area.

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